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The Glypho-Mulch is an innovative tillage equipment designed to reduce herbicide usage, it will get rid of weeds with ease thanks to its wide blades and its animated rotor. It can also be used to destroy cover crops

The Glypho-mulch is a mechanical alternative to glyphosate. One meter width blades cuts the weeds under the tillering, afterwards the cut weeds are destroyed by the spining rotor.

The rotor throw the weeds in the air, the dirt is detached from the weed roots, the heavy material falls first then the lightest material as plant residues falls on the top and are dried out. The rotor can either be hydraulically or mechanically powered. 

A pneumatic seeding bar can be mounted over the rotor, the seeds are sent into the dirt flow created by the rotor, the seed is then covered by the soil and plant residues.

The Glypho-Mulch is available in trailed and mounted versions.

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